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These functions allow you to add a benchmark framework to a project for timing critical parts and detecting slow parts of code. More...


#define EINA_BENCHMARK(function)   ((Eina_Benchmark_Specimens)function)
 Definition for the cast to an Eina_Benchmark_Specimens. More...


typedef struct _Eina_Benchmark Eina_Benchmark
 Type for a benchmark.
typedef void(* Eina_Benchmark_Specimens) (int request)
 Type for a test function to be called when running a benchmark.


Eina_Benchmarkeina_benchmark_new (const char *name, const char *run)
 Creates a new array. More...
void eina_benchmark_free (Eina_Benchmark *bench)
 Frees a benchmark object. More...
Eina_Bool eina_benchmark_register (Eina_Benchmark *bench, const char *name, Eina_Benchmark_Specimens bench_cb, int count_start, int count_end, int count_step)
 Adds a test to a benchmark. More...
Eina_Arrayeina_benchmark_run (Eina_Benchmark *bench)
 Runs the benchmark's registered tests. More...

Detailed Description

These functions allow you to add a benchmark framework to a project for timing critical parts and detecting slow parts of code.

It is used in Eina to compare the time used by eina, glib, evas and ecore data types.

To use the benchmark module, Eina must be initialized with eina_init() and later shut down with eina_shutdown(). A benchmark is created with eina_benchmark_new() and freed with eina_benchmark_free().

eina_benchmark_register() adds a test to a benchmark. That test can be run a certain amount of times. Adding more than one test to be executed allows the comparison between several parts of a program, or different implementations.

eina_benchmark_run() runs all the tests registered with eina_benchmark_register(). The amount of time of each test is written in a gnuplot file.

For more information, you can look at the Benchmark Tutorial.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define EINA_BENCHMARK (   function)    ((Eina_Benchmark_Specimens)function)

Definition for the cast to an Eina_Benchmark_Specimens.

[in]functionThe function to cast.

This macro casts function to Eina_Benchmark_Specimens.

Function Documentation

◆ eina_benchmark_new()

Eina_Benchmark* eina_benchmark_new ( const char *  name,
const char *  run 

Creates a new array.

[in]nameThe name of the benchmark.
[in]runThe name of the run.
A valid benchmark on success, or NULL on memory allocation failure.

This function creates a new benchmark. name and run are used to name the gnuplot file that eina_benchmark_run() will create.

When the new module is not needed anymore, use eina_benchmark_free() to free the allocated memory.

◆ eina_benchmark_free()

void eina_benchmark_free ( Eina_Benchmark bench)

Frees a benchmark object.

[in,out]benchThe benchmark to free.

This function removes all the benchmark tests that have been registered and frees bench. If bench is NULL, this function returns immediately.

References eina_array_free(), EINA_ARRAY_ITER_NEXT, eina_inlist_remove(), and EINA_LIST_FREE.

◆ eina_benchmark_register()

Eina_Bool eina_benchmark_register ( Eina_Benchmark bench,
const char *  name,
Eina_Benchmark_Specimens  bench_cb,
int  count_start,
int  count_end,
int  count_step 

Adds a test to a benchmark.

[in,out]benchThe benchmark.
[in]nameThe name of the test.
[in]bench_cbThe test function to be called.
[in]count_startThe start data to be passed to bench_cb.
[in]count_endThe end data to be passed to bench_cb.
[in]count_stepThe step data to be passed to bench_cb.
EINA_FALSE on failure, EINA_TRUE otherwise.

This function adds the test named name to benchmark. bench_cb is the function called when the test is executed. That test can be executed a certain number of times, from count_start to count_end, with a step increment of count_step. This counter is passed to bench_cb when eina_benchmark_run() is called.

If bench is NULL or count_step is 0, this function returns immediately and does not add any tests to the benchmark.

References EINA_FALSE, eina_inlist_append(), EINA_INLIST_GET, and EINA_TRUE.

◆ eina_benchmark_run()

Eina_Array* eina_benchmark_run ( Eina_Benchmark bench)

Runs the benchmark's registered tests.

[in,out]benchThe benchmark.
A list of gnuplot filenames for the test results, or NULL on failure.

This function runs all the tests that have been registered with eina_benchmark_register() and saves the result in gnuplot input files. The filenames have the following format:


Where [name] and [run] are the values passed to eina_benchmark_new() when registering the test.

Each registered test is executed and timed. The time is written to the gnuplot file. The number of times each test is executed is controlled by the parameters passed to eina_benchmark_register().

References alloca(), eina_array_new(), eina_array_push(), eina_counter_dump(), eina_counter_free(), eina_counter_new(), eina_counter_start(), eina_counter_stop(), EINA_FALSE, EINA_INLIST_FOREACH, eina_list_append(), eina_strbuf_append(), eina_strbuf_free(), eina_strbuf_new(), eina_strbuf_replace_all(), eina_strbuf_string_get(), and EINA_TRUE.