Data types and low-level/basic abstractions. More...


 Initialization, shut down and core types.
 Data Types
 Eina provides an easy to use and optimized data types and structures.
 Eina tools aims to help application development, providing ways to make it safer, log errors, manage memory more efficiently and more.
 Eina Promises
 Promises are a programming paradigm that simplifies synchronization when concurrent execution is present.
 Event Log Debugging
 These functions are used internally by EFL in general for profiling.
 Free Queue Group
 This provides a mechanism to defer actual freeing of memory data at some time in the future.
 Mmap Group
 These functions provide helpers for safe mmap handling.
 Short lived strings
 API for short lived strings (thread- and scope-local)
 Thread Queue Group
 These functions provide simple zero-copy message queues for threads.

Detailed Description

Data types and low-level/basic abstractions.