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elm::sys_notify Struct Reference

Class sys_notify. More...

Data Structures

struct  dbus
 Class dbus. More...

Public Member Functions

 sys_notify (Eo *eo)
 Eo Constructor. More...
 sys_notify (std::nullptr_t)
 nullptr_t Constructor. More...
 sys_notify (sys_notify const &other)
 Copy Constructor.
 sys_notify (::efl::eo::parent_type _p)
 Constructs a new elm::sys_notify object. More...

Detailed Description

Class sys_notify.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

elm::sys_notify::sys_notify ( ::efl::eo::parent_type  _p)

Constructs a new elm::sys_notify object.

Constructs a new elm::sys_notify object. If you want this object to be a child of another Eo object, use an efl::eo::parent expression, like the example.


elm::sys_notify my_sys_notify(efl::eo::parent = parent_object);
See also
sys_notify(Eo* eo)
elm::sys_notify::sys_notify ( Eo *  eo)

Eo Constructor.

Constructs the object from an Eo* pointer stealing its ownership.

eoThe Eo object pointer.
elm::sys_notify::sys_notify ( std::nullptr_t  )

nullptr_t Constructor.

Constructs an empty (null) object.