Data Fields
_Elm_Web_Frame_Load_Error Struct Reference

Structure used to report load errors. More...

Data Fields

int code
 Numeric error code.
Eina_Bool is_cancellation
 Error produced by canceling a request.
const char * domain
 Error domain name.
const char * description
 Error description (already localized)
const char * failing_url
 The URL that failed to load.
Evas_Object * frame
 Frame object that produced the error.

Detailed Description

Structure used to report load errors.

Load errors are reported as signal by elm_web. All the strings are temporary references and should not be used after the signal callback returns. If it's required, make copies with strdup() or eina_stringshare_add() (they are not even guaranteed to be stringshared, so must use eina_stringshare_add() and not eina_stringshare_ref()).