Here is a list of all Elementary examples.

elm_bg - Plain color background.

elm_bg - Image background.

elm_bg - Background properties.

Actionslider usage

elm_transit - Basic transit usage.

elm_transit - Chained transitions.

General (top-level) functions example

Calendar - Simple creation.

Calendar - Layout strings formatting.

Calendar - Years restrictions.

Calendar - Days selection.

Calendar - Signal callback and getters.

Calendar - Calendar marks.


Spinner widget example

Slider widget example

Panes widget example

Clock widget example

Datetime widget example

Dayselector widget example

Mapbuf Widget Example

Map Example - Creation and Zoom

Map Example - Overlay Usage

Map Example - Route and Name Usage

Diskselector widget example

Diskselector - Items management

Entry - Example of simple editing

List widget example

List widget example

List - Items management

Toolbar Example - Simple Items

Toolbar Example - Items with States

Toolbar Example - Items with Menus

Segment Control Example

Flip selector widget example

File selector widget example

File selector button widget example

File selector entry widget example

Index widget example 1

Index widget example 2

Gengrid widget example

Genlist - basic usage

Genlist - list setup functions

Genlist - different width options

Genlist - items manipulation

Genlist - working with subitems


Thumb - generating thumbnails.

Progress bar widget example

Slideshow widget example

EFL Threading example 1

EFL Threading example 2

EFL Threading example 3

EFL Threading example 4

EFL Threading example 5

EFL Threading example 6

Prefs Example 01

Prefs Example 02

Prefs Example 03