Data Fields
_Evas_Video_Surface Struct Reference

Data Fields

int version
 The Evas Video surface version in use. More...
Evas_Video_Coord_Cb move
 Move the video surface to this position.
Evas_Video_Coord_Cb resize
 Resize the video surface to that size.
Evas_Video_Cb show
 Show the video overlay surface.
Evas_Video_Cb hide
 Hide the video overlay surface.
Evas_Video_Cb update_pixels
 Please update the Evas_Object_Image pixels when called.
 The parent object.
void * data

Field Documentation

◆ version

int _Evas_Video_Surface::version

The Evas Video surface version in use.

See also

Referenced by evas_object_image_video_surface_set().