Data Fields
_Evas_Event_Key_Down Struct Reference

Key press event. More...

Data Fields

char * keyname
 the name string of the key pressed
void * data
 modifier keys pressed during the event
const char * key
 The logical key : (eg shift+1 == exclamation)
const char * string
 A UTF8 string if this keystroke has produced a visible string to be ADDED.
const char * compose
 A UTF8 string if this keystroke has modified a string in the middle of being composed - this string replaces the previous one.
unsigned int timestamp
Evas_Event_Flags event_flags
unsigned int keycode
 Key scan code numeric value. More...

Detailed Description

Key press event.

ecore_evas_window_sizes_example.c, ecore_imf_example.c, edje-basic.c, edje-box.c, edje-box2.c, edje-drag.c, edje-perspective.c, edje-signals-messages.c, emotion_test_main.c, evas-aspect-hints.c, evas-box.c, evas-events.c, evas-hints.c, evas-images.c, evas-images2.c, evas-map-utils.c, evas-object-manipulation.c, evas-smart-interface.c, evas-smart-object.c, evas-stacking.c, evas-text.c, flipselector_example.c, test_bouncing_ball.c, test_velocity.c, and web_example_02.c.

Field Documentation

◆ keycode

unsigned int _Evas_Event_Key_Down::keycode

Key scan code numeric value.


Referenced by ecore_imf_evas_event_key_down_wrap().