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 Drm Library Init and Shutdown FunctionsFunctions that start and shutdown the Ecore_Drm Library
 Device manipulation functionsFunctions that deal with finding, opening, closing, and otherwise using the DRM device itself
 Frame buffer manipulationFunctions that deal with frame buffers
 Ecore DRM OutputFunctions to manage DRM outputs
 Ecore DRM SpritesFunctions for managing DRM sprites
 Tty manipulation functionsFunctions that deal with opening, closing, and otherwise using a tty
 Drm library Init and Shutdown functionsFunctions that start and shutdown the Ecore_Drm2 library
 Drm device functionsFunctions that deal with finding, opening, closing, or obtaining various information about a drm device
 Drm output functionsFunctions that deal with setup of outputs
 Drm framebuffer functionsFunctions that deal with setup of framebuffers
 Functions that deal with hardware planesFunctions that deal with hardware plane manipulation
 Ecore Input
 X Library Init and Shutdown FunctionsFunctions that start and shut down the Ecore X Library
 X Display AttributesFunctions that set and retrieve X display attributes
 X Synchronization FunctionsFunctions that ensure that all commands that have been issued by the Ecore X library have been sent to the server
 Efl Future Callbacks
 Eina_PromiseCreates a new promise
 Eina_FutureCancels a future
 Vectors in floating pointVector definition and operations
 Vectors in floating pointVector definition and operations
 Animation ViewAnimation_View widget is designed to show and play animation of vector graphics based content
 CtxpopupContext popup widget
 File Selector
 File Selector Button
 File Selector Entry
 NaviframeNaviframe stands for navigation frame. It's a views manager for applications
 AccessWARNING! this API is not finalized
 AppProvide information in order to make Elementary determine the run time location of the software in question, so other data files such as images, sound files, executable utilities, libraries, modules and locale files can be found
 BackgroundBackground object, used for setting a solid color, image or Edje group as a background to a window or any container object
 BubbleThe Bubble is a widget to show text similar to how speech is represented in comics
 CachesThese are functions which let one fine-tune some cache values for Elementary applications, thus allowing for performance adjustments
 CheckThe check widget allows for toggling a value between true and false
 CopyPasteCopy and paste feature implementations
 Init / ShutdownInit / shutdown functions
 Managing the information flow between Elm_Code objects and Evas_Object widgetsCallbacks and message passing
 I/O at a file levelFile handling functions
 Functions for accessing file contentContent functions
 management of indentation of linesLine indent handling functions
 HighlightingLine markup functions
 Hooking in and launching parsersParser helper functions
 Parsing and marking up syntax in filesSyntax highlighting helper functions
 access and manipulation within linesLine text handling functions
 the complexities of selecting text across separate lines.Selection handling functions
 Color Class EditorThis group provides a UI for editing color classes in applications
 Elementary ConfigElementary configuration is formed by a set options bounded to a given Profile profile, like Theme theme, finger size, etc
 Elementary ProfileProfiles are pre-set options that affect the whole look-and-feel of Elementary-based applications
 Elementary ScrollingThese are functions setting how scrollable views in Elementary widgets should behave on user interaction
 LongpressConfiguration for longpress events
 SotfCursorConfiguration for softcursor
 Password show lastShow last feature of password mode enables user to view the last input entered for few seconds before masking it
 Elementary EngineThese are functions setting and querying which rendering engine Elementary will use for drawing its windows' pixels
 DayselectorDayselector widget:
 DebugDon't use it unless you are sure
 FingersElementary is designed to be finger-friendly for touchscreens, and so in addition to scaling for display resolution, it can also scale based on finger "resolution" (or size)
 Flip Selector
 FocusAn Elementary application has, at all times, one (and only one) focused object
 Elementary FontsThese are functions dealing with font rendering, selection and the like for Elementary applications
 FrameFrame is a widget that holds some content and has a title
 GeneralGeneral Elementary API
 Gengrid (Generic grid)
 Genlist (Generic list)
 Gesture Layer
 Getting StartedTo write an Elementary app, you can get started with the following:
 HelperThe validation helper feature
 LabelWidget to display text, with simple html-like markup
 MirroringThese functions allow you to set ui-mirroring on specific widgets or the whole interface
 StylesWidgets can have different styles of look
 Widget Tree NavigationThese functions provide checks for if a Evas_Object is an Elementary widget, the possibility of getting a widget's parent, top level parent and getting a string representation of a widget's type
 PanelA panel is an animated side-panel that contains a sub-object. It can be expanded or contracted by clicking the button on its edge
 Elementary PrefsElementary provides a prefs (for "preferences") infrastructure, which consists of two sets of APIs:
 Progress bar
 RadioRadio is a widget that allows for 1 or more options to be displayed and have the user choose only 1 of them
 Widget ScalingDifferent widgets can be scaled independently
 ScrollhintsObjects when inside a scroller can scroll, but this may not always be desirable in certain situations
 SeparatorSeparator is a very thin object used to separate other objects
 Elementary StoreStore is an abstracting API that is intended to farm off fetching of data to threads running asynchronously from the mainloop that actually fetch data needed for a genlist (or possibly future other widgets) so scrolling never blocks waiting on IO (though normally this should be the users job - if using genlist, to ensure all data genlist needs is in memory at the time it needs it, and if it isn't to queue and defer a fetch and let genlist know later when its ready
 ThemeElementary uses Edje to theme its widgets, naturally
 TooltipsThe Tooltip is an (internal, for now) smart object used to show a content in a frame on mouse hover of objects(or widgets), with tips/information about them
 TransitTransit is designed to apply various animated transition effects to Evas_Object, such like translation, rotation, etc
 Widgets Extension InfrastructureThis section is intended for people willing to create custom Elementary widgets or to contribute new (useful, unique) widgets upstream
 Library Init and Shutdown functionsFunctions that start and shutdown the Elput library
 Elput_Manager_GroupFunctions that deal with connecting, disconnecting, opening, closing of input devices
 Elput input functionsFunctions that deal with setup of inputs
 Configuration of touch devicesFunctions related to configuration of touch devices
 Elput device functionsFunctions for getting attributes of devices
 Elput seat functionsFunctions for getting attributes of seats
 Top level functionsFunction that affect Emile as a whole
 Non destructive base64 manipulation functions.Function that allow the encoding and decoding of base64 Eina_Binbuf
 Top level functionsFunction that allow ciphering content
 Non destructive general purpose compression functions.Function that allow the compression and expansion of Eina_Binbuf with non destructive algorithm
 Top level functionsFunction that allow reading/saving image
 EPhysicsPhysics simulation integration and visual effects
 EthumbGenerates thumbnail images of files
 EoGeneric object system
 EvasDrawing canvas
 EetBinary data parser and serializer
 EinaData types and low-level/basic abstractions
 EmbryoEmbedded script language
 EvilMicrosoft Windows portability layer
 EcoreOperating System Abstraction and Integration
 EioAsynchronous input/output and file manipulation
 EldbusD-Bus integration with EFL (Ecore)
 EfreetFreeDesktop.Org (XDG) menu and desktop integration
 EezeHardware device manipulation and notification, wraps UDev and similar
 EdjeLayout and theme library with super-powers
 EmotionPlays music and videos