Drawing canvas. More...


 Top Level Functions
 Functions that affect Evas as a whole.
 Canvas Functions
 Low level Evas canvas functions.
 Generic Object Functions
 Functions that manipulate generic Evas objects.
 Specific Object Functions
 Functions that work on specific objects.
 Smart Functions
 Functions that deal with Evas_Smart structs, creating definition (classes) of objects that will have customized behavior for methods like evas_object_move(), evas_object_resize(), evas_object_clip_set() and others.
 Smart Object Functions
 Functions dealing with Evas smart objects (instances).
 Shared Image Cache Server
 Evas has an (optional) module that provides client-server infrastructure to share bitmaps across multiple processes, saving data and processing power.
 General Utilities
 Some functions that are handy but are not specific of canvas or objects.
 Vector Graphics Object
 Vector Graphics Object is the scene graph for managing vector graphics objects.

Detailed Description

Drawing canvas.