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Physics simulation integration and visual effects. More...


 EPhysics Quaternion
 Quaternions are used to perform linear algebra rotations.
 EPhysics Shape
 Shapes are used to create bodies with shapes that differ from primitive ones, like box and cylinder.
 EPhysics Camera
 A camera defines the region of the physics world that will be rendered on the canvas.
 EPhysics World
 A world is required to simulate physics between bodies.
 EPhysics Body
 A body is a representation of an object inside a physics world.
 EPhysics Constraint
 Constraints can be used to limit bodies movements, between bodies or between bodies and the world.


EAPI int ephysics_init (void)
 Initialize EPhysics. More...
EAPI int ephysics_shutdown (void)
 Shutdown EPhysics. More...

Detailed Description

Physics simulation integration and visual effects.

Function Documentation

◆ ephysics_init()

EAPI int ephysics_init ( void  )

◆ ephysics_shutdown()

EAPI int ephysics_shutdown ( void  )

Shutdown EPhysics.

Shutdown Bullet physics engine. If init count reaches 0, all the existing worlds will be deleted, and consequently all the bodies.

EPhysics' init counter value.
See also
ephysics_logo.c, test_camera.c, test_camera_track.c, test_collision_detection.c, test_delete.c, test_growing_balls.c, and test_velocity.c.