Eina_List and memory allocation

If you don't know how to create lists see Adding elements to Eina_List. In this example we also use Stringshare, however it should be possible to understand the code regardless of previous knowledge about it.

Here we have the usual list creation code with a twist, now we are using as data for the list memory that has to be freed later on.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <Eina.h>
main(int argc, char **argv)
Eina_List *list = NULL;
void *list_data;
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("calvin"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("Leoben"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("D'Anna"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("Simon"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("Doral"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("Six"));
list = eina_list_append(list, eina_stringshare_add("Sharon"));

This time we are going to iterate over our list in a different way:

for(l = list; l; l = eina_list_next(l))
printf("%s\n", (char*)l->data);

And now we are going to iterate over the list backwards:

for(l = eina_list_last(list); l; l = eina_list_prev(l))
printf("%s\n", (char*)eina_list_data_get(l));

And now we need to free up the memory allocated during creation of the list:

EINA_LIST_FREE(list, list_data)
We don't need to use eina_list_free() since EINA_LIST_FREE takes care of that.

And shut everything down:

return 0;

The full source code can be found on the examples folder on the eina_list_04.c file.