Widget description

An icon object is used to display standard icon images (“delete”, “edit”, “arrows”, etc.) or images coming from a custom file (PNG, JPG, EDJE, etc.), on icon contexts.

The icon image requested can be in the Elementary theme in use, or in the freedesktop.org theme paths. It’s possible to set the order of preference from where an image will be fetched.

This widget inherits from the Image one, so that all the functions acting on it also work for icon objects.

You should be using an icon, instead of an image, whenever one of the following apply:

  • you need a thumbnail version of an original image

  • you need freedesktop.org provided icon images

  • you need theme provided icon images (Edje groups)

Default images provided by Elementary’s default theme are described below.

These are names that follow (more or less) the Freedesktop icon naming specification. Use of these names are preferred, at least if you want to give your user the ability to use other themes. All these icons can be seen in the elementary_test application, the test is called “Icon Standard”.

  • folder (since 1.13)

  • user-home (since 1.13)

  • user-trash (since 1.13)

  • view-close (since 1.13)

  • view-refresh (since 1.13)

  • window-close 1.13)

  • document-close (since 1.13)

  • document-edit (since 1.13)

  • dialog-info (since 1.13)

  • dialog-close (since 1.13)

  • arrow-up (since 1.13)

  • arrow-down (since 1.13)

  • arrow-left (since 1.13)

  • arrow-right (since 1.13)

  • arrow-up-left (since 1.13)

  • arrow-up-right (since 1.13)

  • arrow-down-left (since 1.13)

  • arrow-down-right (since 1.13)

  • edit-delete (since 1.13)

  • application-chat (since 1.13)

  • application-clock (since 1.13)

  • media-seek-forward 1.13)

  • media-seek-backward (since 1.13)

  • media-skip-forward (since 1.13)

  • media-skip-backward (since 1.13)

  • media-playback-pause (since 1.13)

  • media-playback-start (since 1.13)

  • media-playback-stop (since 1.13)

  • media-eject (since 1.13)

  • audio-volume (since 1.13)

  • audio-volume-muted (since 1.13)

These are names for icons that were first intended to be used in toolbars, but can be used in many other places too:

  • home

  • close

  • apps

  • arrow_up

  • arrow_down

  • arrow_left

  • arrow_right

  • chat

  • clock

  • delete

  • edit

  • refresh

  • folder

  • file

These are names for icons that were designed to be used in menus (but again, you can use them anywhere else):

  • menu/home

  • menu/close

  • menu/apps

  • menu/arrow_up

  • menu/arrow_down

  • menu/arrow_left

  • menu/arrow_right

  • menu/chat

  • menu/clock

  • menu/delete

  • menu/edit

  • menu/refresh

  • menu/folder

  • menu/file

And these are names for some media player specific icons:

  • media_player/forward

  • media_player/info

  • media_player/next

  • media_player/pause

  • media_player/play

  • media_player/prev

  • media_player/rewind

  • media_player/stop

Emitted signals

  • thumb,done - Setting thumb has completed with success

  • thumb,error - Setting thumb has failed


Icon lookup modes


freedesktop, theme


theme, freedesktop





Icon type


No icon


Icon is a file


Icon is set with standards name

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Icon
class efl.elementary.Icon(Object parent, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: efl.elementary.__init__.Image

This is the class that actually implements the widget.

  • parent (efl.evas.Object) – The parent object

  • **kwargs – All the remaining keyword arguments are interpreted as properties of the instance

callback_thumb_done_add(func, *args, **kwargs)

Setting thumb has completed with success.

callback_thumb_error_add(func, *args, **kwargs)

Setting thumb has failed.


The icon lookup order used by standard.


Icon lookup modes


The icon standards name.

For example, freedesktop.org defines standard icon names such as “home”, “network”, etc. There can be different icon sets to match those icon keys. The name given as parameter is one of these “keys”, and will be used to look in the freedesktop.org paths and elementary theme. One can change the lookup order with order_lookup.

If name is not found in any of the expected locations and it is the absolute path of an image file, this image will be used.


The icon image set can be changed by file.

See also





RuntimeWarning – when setting the standard name fails.

Return bool

For 1.7 compatibility standard_set() returns a bool value that tells whether setting the standard name was successful or not.

Changed in version 1.8: Raises RuntimeWarning when setting the standard name fails, instead of returning a bool.


Set the file (and edje group) that will be used, but use a generated thumbnail.

This functions like file but requires the Ethumb library support to be enabled successfully with efl.elementary.need.need_ethumb(). When set the file indicated has a thumbnail generated and cached on disk for future use or will directly use an existing cached thumbnail if it is valid.


string file or tuple(string file, string group)

thumb_set(filename, group=None)