Widget description

The Bubble is a widget to show text similar to how speech is represented in comics.

The bubble widget contains 5 important visual elements:

  • The frame is a rectangle with rounded edjes and an “arrow”.

  • The icon is an image to which the frame’s arrow points to.

  • The label is a text which appears to the right of the icon if the

    corner is top_left or bottom_left and is right aligned to the frame otherwise.

  • The info is a text which appears to the right of the label. Info’s

    font is of a lighter color than label.

  • The content is an evas object that is shown inside the frame.

The position of the arrow, icon, label and info depends on which corner is selected. The four available corners are:

  • top_left - Default

  • top_right

  • bottom_left

  • bottom_right

Layout content parts

  • default - A content of the bubble

  • icon - An icon of the bubble

Layout text parts

  • default - Label of the bubble

  • info - info of the bubble

Emitted signals

  • clicked - This is called when a user has clicked the bubble.


Bubble arrow positions


Top left position


Top right position


Bottom left position


Bottom right position

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Bubble
class efl.elementary.Bubble(Object parent, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: efl.elementary.__init__.LayoutClass

This is the class that actually implements the widget.

  • parent (efl.evas.Object) – The parent object

  • **kwargs – All the remaining keyword arguments are interpreted as properties of the instance

callback_clicked_add(func, *args, **kwargs)

This is called when a user has clicked the bubble.


The corner of the bubble

This property reflects the corner of the bubble. The corner will be used to determine where the arrow in the frame points to and where label, icon and info are shown.


Bubble arrow positions