efl.ecore_con.Lookup Class

class efl.ecore_con.Lookup(name, done_cb, *args, **kargs)

Bases: object

A simple class to perform asynchronous DNS lookups.

  • name (string) – The hostname to query

  • done_cb (callable) – The function to call when done

  • *args – Any other arguments will be passed back in done_cb

  • **kargs – Any other keywords arguments will be passed back in done_cb

New in version 1.17.

Just create an instance and give a callback function to be called when the operation is complete.

This class performs a DNS lookup on the hostname specified by name, then calls done_cb with the result and the data given as parameter. The result will be given to the done_cb as follows:

expected `done_cb` signature:

func(canonname, ip, sockaddr)
  • canonname (string) is the canonical domain name

  • ip (string) is the recolved ip address

  • sockaddr (None) is a placeholder for future expansion

Usage example:

import ecore_con

def done_cb(canonname, ip, sockaddr):

ecore_con.Lookup('example.com', done_cb)