Data Fields
_Eina_Value_Struct_Member Struct Reference

Describes a single member of struct. More...

Data Fields

const char * name
 member name, used in lookups such as eina_value_struct_get()
const Eina_Value_Typetype
 how to use this member
unsigned int offset
 where this member is located within the structure memory

Detailed Description

Describes a single member of struct.

The name is used to lookup the member description. This is done as specified as _Eina_Value_Struct_Operations::find_member(). For structures with huge number of members, consider using a better find_member function to quickly finding it! There are two helper operations provided to help this: EINA_VALUE_STRUCT_OPERATIONS_BINSEARCH and EINA_VALUE_STRUCT_OPERATIONS_STRINGSHARE, both depend on properly set _Eina_Value_Struct_Desc and _Eina_Value_Struct_Member.

See also
complex-types-client-eina-value.c, and eina_value_02.c.