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 EFL Ui Clock Widget
 Animation View
 Animation_View widget is designed to show and play animation of vector graphics based content.
 Context popup widget.
 File Selector
 File Selector Button
 File Selector Entry
 Naviframe stands for navigation frame. It's a views manager for applications.
 WARNING! this API is not finalized.
 Provide information in order to make Elementary determine the run time location of the software in question, so other data files such as images, sound files, executable utilities, libraries, modules and locale files can be found.
 Background object, used for setting a solid color, image or Edje group as a background to a window or any container object.
 The Bubble is a widget to show text similar to how speech is represented in comics.
 These are functions which let one fine-tune some cache values for Elementary applications, thus allowing for performance adjustments.
 The check widget allows for toggling a value between true and false.
 Copy and paste feature implementations.
 Elementary Config
 Elementary configuration is formed by a set options bounded to a given Elementary Profile, like Theme, finger size, etc.
 Elementary Profile
 Profiles are pre-set options that affect the whole look-and-feel of Elementary-based applications.
 Elementary Scrolling
 These are functions setting how scrollable views in Elementary widgets should behave on user interaction.
 Configuration for longpress events.
 Configuration for softcursor.
 Password show last
 Show last feature of password mode enables user to view the last input entered for few seconds before masking it.
 Elementary Engine
 These are functions setting and querying which rendering engine Elementary will use for drawing its windows' pixels.
 Dayselector widget:
 Don't use it unless you are sure.
 Elementary is designed to be finger-friendly for touchscreens, and so in addition to scaling for display resolution, it can also scale based on finger "resolution" (or size).
 Flip Selector
 An Elementary application has, at all times, one (and only one) focused object.
 Elementary Fonts
 These are functions dealing with font rendering, selection and the like for Elementary applications.
 Frame is a widget that holds some content and has a title.
 General Elementary API.
 Gengrid (Generic grid)
 Genlist (Generic list)
 Gesture Layer
 Getting Started
 To write an Elementary app, you can get started with the following:
 The validation helper feature.
 Widget to display text, with simple html-like markup.
 These functions allow you to set ui-mirroring on specific widgets or the whole interface.
 A panel is an animated side-panel that contains a sub-object. It can be expanded or contracted by clicking the button on its edge.
 Elementary Prefs
 Elementary provides a prefs (for "preferences") infrastructure, which consists of two sets of APIs:
 Progress bar
 Radio is a widget that allows for 1 or more options to be displayed and have the user choose only 1 of them.
 Widget Scaling
 Different widgets can be scaled independently.
 Objects when inside a scroller can scroll, but this may not always be desirable in certain situations.
 Separator is a very thin object used to separate other objects.
 Elementary Store
 Store is an abstracting API that is intended to farm off fetching of data to threads running asynchronously from the mainloop that actually fetch data needed for a genlist (or possibly future other widgets) so scrolling never blocks waiting on IO (though normally this should be the users job - if using genlist, to ensure all data genlist needs is in memory at the time it needs it, and if it isn't to queue and defer a fetch and let genlist know later when its ready.
 Elementary uses Edje to theme its widgets, naturally.
 The Tooltip is an (internal, for now) smart object used to show a content in a frame on mouse hover of objects(or widgets), with tips/information about them.
 Transit is designed to apply various animated transition effects to Evas_Object, such like translation, rotation, etc.

Detailed Description

Widget library (See the Elementary main page).