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typedef void(* Eldbus_Dict_Cb_Get) (void *data, const void *key, Eldbus_Message_Iter *var)
 Callback used when iterating over a dictionary. More...


void eldbus_message_iter_dict_iterate (Eldbus_Message_Iter *dict, const char *signature, Eldbus_Dict_Cb_Get cb, const void *data)
 Iterate over a dictionary. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ Eldbus_Dict_Cb_Get


Callback used when iterating over a dictionary.

It is called at each entry iteration.

dataContext data passed to the callback.
keyKey parameter.
varA message iterator on the current entry.

Function Documentation

◆ eldbus_message_iter_dict_iterate()

void eldbus_message_iter_dict_iterate ( Eldbus_Message_Iter dict,
const char *  signature,
Eldbus_Dict_Cb_Get  cb,
const void *  data 

Iterate over a dictionary.

dictiterator with array of entry
signatureof entry, example: "sv"
cbcallback that will be called in each entry
datacontext data

References EINA_SAFETY_ON_FALSE_RETURN, EINA_SAFETY_ON_NULL_RETURN, eldbus_message_iter_arguments_get(), eldbus_message_iter_get_and_next(), eldbus_message_iter_signature_get(), and ERR.