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Data Structures

struct  _Eldbus_Version


 Eldbus version major number.
 Eldbus version minor number.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_BUS   "org.freedesktop.DBus"
 DBus message bus name.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_PATH   "/org/freedesktop/DBus"
 Object that implements message bus interface.
 DBus message bus interface.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_INTERFACE_PROPERTIES   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties"
 DBus Properties interface.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_INTERFACE_OBJECT_MANAGER   "org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager"
 DBus ObjectManager interface.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_INTERFACE_INTROSPECTABLE   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable"
 DBus Introspectable interface.
#define ELDBUS_FDO_INTEFACE_PEER   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer"
 DBus Peer interface.
#define ELDBUS_ERROR_PENDING_CANCELED   "org.enlightenment.DBus.Canceled"
 Canceled error answer.
#define ELDBUS_ERROR_PENDING_TIMEOUT   "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply"
 Timeout error answer.


typedef struct _Eldbus_Version Eldbus_Version
 Represents the current version of Eldbus.
typedef void(* Eldbus_Free_Cb) (void *data, const void *deadptr)
 Callback that is called when the connection is freed.
typedef struct _Eldbus_Message Eldbus_Message
 Represents the way data is sent and received in DBus.
typedef struct _Eldbus_Message_Iter Eldbus_Message_Iter
 Represents an iterator over a complex message type (array, dict, struct, or variant). More...
typedef struct _Eldbus_Pending Eldbus_Pending
 Represents a message that has been sent but has not yet reached its destination.
typedef struct _Eldbus_Signal_Handler Eldbus_Signal_Handler
 Represents a listener that will listen for signals emitted by other applications.
typedef void(* Eldbus_Message_Cb) (void *data, const Eldbus_Message *msg, Eldbus_Pending *pending)
 Callback that is called when answer of a method call message comes.
typedef void(* Eldbus_Signal_Cb) (void *data, const Eldbus_Message *msg)
 Callback that is called when a signal is received.


EAPI int eldbus_init (void)
 Initialize eldbus. More...
EAPI int eldbus_shutdown (void)
 Shutdown eldbus. More...


EAPI const Eldbus_Versioneldbus_version
 Global Eldbus_Version object.

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ Eldbus_Message_Iter

Represents an iterator over a complex message type (array, dict, struct, or variant).

Its life is bound to the message that contains it. The same applies to the returned data.

Function Documentation

◆ eldbus_init()

EAPI int eldbus_init ( void  )

◆ eldbus_shutdown()

EAPI int eldbus_shutdown ( void  )