#define EAPI
 Used to warn when the returned value of the function is not used.
#define EINA_ARG_NONNULL(idx,...)
 Used to warn when the specified arguments of the function are NULL.
 Used to warn when the function is considered as deprecated.
#define EINA_PURE
#define EINA_PRINTF(fmt, arg)
#define EINA_SCANF(fmt, arg)
#define EINA_FORMAT(fmt)
#define EINA_CONST
#define EINA_UNLIKELY(exp)   exp
#define EINA_LIKELY(exp)   exp
#define EINA_FALSE   ((Eina_Bool)0)
 boolean value FALSE (numerical value 0)
#define EINA_TRUE   ((Eina_Bool)1)
 boolean value TRUE (numerical value 1)
#define EINA_COMPARE_CB(function)   ((Eina_Compare_Cb)function)
 Macro to cast to Eina_Compare_Cb.
#define EINA_EACH_CB(Function)   ((Eina_Each_Cb)Function)
 Macro to cast to Eina_Each.
#define EINA_FREE_CB(Function)   ((Eina_Free_Cb)Function)
 Macro to cast to Eina_Free_Cb.


typedef unsigned char Eina_Bool
 Type to mimic a boolean.
typedef int(* Eina_Compare_Cb )(const void *data1, const void *data2)
 Function used in functions using sorting.
typedef Eina_Bool(* Eina_Each_Cb )(const void *container, void *data, void *fdata)
typedef void(* Eina_Free_Cb )(void *data)
 A callback type used to free data when iterating over a container.


const unsigned int eina_prime_table []

Typedef Documentation

Type to mimic a boolean.

it differs from stdbool.h as this is defined as an unsigned char to make it usable by bitfields (Eina_Bool name:1) and also take as few bytes as possible.

Function used in functions using sorting.

It compares data1 and data2. If data1 is 'less' than data2, -1 must be returned, if it is 'greater', 1 must be returned, and if they are equal, 0 must be returned.